A New Perspective

April's calendar image, "Fennville Sunset"

I love to travel around the lake and see it from different perspectives.

“Fennville Sunset” was taken from the Michigan side of the lake on a warm evening last July. I was on a bluff about 35 feet above the shore, so I was looking over and through the trees to get this shot. The haze obscuring the sun is actually smoke drifting southward from Canadian forest fires. It gave a dreamlike feel to the scene.

The time we spent in Fennville (just south of Saugatuck) almost felt like a dream. It was the first trip my wife and I had taken since early 2020, and it was an impromptu few days away with good friends of ours.

It’s amazing how quickly you can relax when you get away from your hectic, everyday life. Our trip was only two days long and ended far too quickly. But I’ll look forward to the next trip and a new perspective of the lake.