A Strange Summer Indeed...

We’ve moved into the third half of summer.

(A “Car Talk” reference, for those who remember that show!)
I’ve always thought of summer in three distinct phases. There’s June, which whizzes by with school ending, graduations and weddings. Then, with the 4th of July comes the height of the season — sunny skies, reduced work schedules and a flurry of summer activities.

Now we’ve reached August, with its cloudier days and chorus of cicadas at night. This home stretch is often vacation time, but of course, everything is different this year. For many, there will be no road trips or family visits.

Still, we have a whole month of summer left to savor. I plan to take walks along the lake and enjoy dinners on my balcony as long as I can.
Enjoy the dog days of summer — and be safe!

“Racing Tips,” my August calendar image, was featured in a show last month at Perspective Gallery in Evanston. I captured this scene from a boat off Belmont Harbor as I watched the 2018 Farr 40 World Championships. I loved the effect of the water obscuring the hulls of these boats as they bobbed in the swells. Some viewers say the dark gray Kevlar sails remind them of sharks — but that the playful green chop of the water offsets any ominous feeling.
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