Calendar Gives Back All Year

Each year I put together a calendar with a selection of my favorite Lake Michigan photos. I never repeat a photo, so each year is unique, and, I hope, interesting and a little thought-provoking. I like to think that it provides a monthly reminder of the special natural wonder we all enjoy and benefit from every day.

And the lake gets something back for every calendar sold. I donate a portion of my sales to the Alliance for the Great Lakes and Freshwater Future. Both of these organizations work year-round to protect and advocate for the Great Lakes and the health of our water.

My 2020 Lake Michigan calendar is now available. It features 12 new images and makes an excellent gift for the lake lover in your life. It’s also great for students living away from home, old friends who have moved away, or friends who are new to the area and just discovering the beauty of our lake.

They are $25 and can be ordered online at, or, purchased at Shaker Traditions on Dempster Street in Evanston, or contact me to purchase direct.

Happy Holidays!