Finding a way back to the lake

Rushing In

My latest sale illustrated something I’ve felt about Lake Michigan for a long time. Our lake makes a profound and lasting impression on those who live near it. It grounds people to the region in a very personal way.

The client who purchased my work is a native of Evanston who now lives on the West Coast. She contacted me in April saying she missed the lake and was interested two large-scale prints to hang in her loft space. She chose two images that rekindled her love of the lake. The 40” x 30” pieces were printed and mounted here in Chicago and shipped to her—the whole process took just over a week.
She kindly shared her thoughts on having them in her home:
“The lake photos are here and installed, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I knew they would remind me of home, but I didn’t know how much. I’m very moved by their beauty and by the memories they conjure up.”
I’m happy my images can have this effect on people. I strive to create art that both conveys what is loved and familiar about Lake Michigan, and challenges viewers to see something new or unfamiliar, reinforcing a deeper appreciation for the lake.
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