I'm Showing at ArtPrize!

I'm honored to be participating in ArtPrize this year for the first time.

Don't know about ArtPrize? It's a biennial art show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
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My work will be displayed at the Canopy Hotel in downtown Grand Rapids. Here are the five pieces I'll be exhibiting.

The unique thing about ArtPrize is it lets the general public decide what art wins. Voting is done on a mobile app, and you can only vote when you're actually in Grand Rapids.

ArtPrize 2021 runs September 16-October 3. If you happen to be in or near Grand Rapids then, check it out! The website lists all the artists and the venues where they're exhibiting. And don't forget to download the mobile app.

If you don't make it to Grand Rapids, you can still participate in an online auction where you can buy many of the pieces on display -- including mine. (A link to the auction will be on the ArtPrize site closer to September 16 when bidding opens.)