Red Sailboat

July's calendar image, "Red Sailboat"

This image is from a glorious summer’s day on Lake Michigan. It was a cloudless day with a breeze out of the northeast.

I love sailing, so I am always on the lookout for a familiar white triangle on the horizon. This sloop was easy to spot with its bright red hull and billowing sails, which contrasted nicely with the aqua and azure water.

In photo composition, you often place a moving subject off center with more room to the side the subject is moving toward. It’s called breathing room, and it gives the viewer a sense of where the subject is going.

Here, however, I wanted less space between the sailboat and the left side of the frame. It gives the feeling that you’re just catching a glimpse of it as it goes out of view. A sense that you’re only part of the sailing experience from afar and for a fleeting moment.