Vote Early, But Not Often

Vote Early, But Not Often

Vote for the Great Lakes 

The upcoming election is going to be interesting and consequential for all of us. I doubt you need any more coaxing to feel the urgency and importance of voting. But I’m going to add just a little bit more to your information (over)load.

Consider the Great Lakes and all they mean to our region. Over 30 million people depend on them for their water alone. That most likely includes you.
How the lakes are treated and managed is in our self-interest. Policy matters, and so does the people who make the policy.

The Alliance for the Great Lakes has created a toolkit for getting involved in the election. Check it out here.
They also have the Great Lakes Voter Information Center where you can find out if you are registered to vote plus your polling place and a list of candidates.

Vote early — but not often. I thank you, and our lakes thank you too!