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Autumn Is Wave Season

As fall sets in and the weather cools, I look forward to crisp, blustery days that bring big waves to this side of Lake Michigan. 

Nor-easters are common at this time of year, and as the wind rolls down the length of the lake, the waves gather strength. By the time they hit our shores in Chicago, they can be massive.
If you find yourself near the lake on a day with strong winds from the north or northeast, swing by and take a look. The sound of the wind howling, the waves crashing, and even the mist or spray hitting your coat is humbling and energizing.
Just remember to be cautious if walking near big waves, especially on a breakwater — they can be treacherous.
In fact, as I type this, I got a notice from the City of Evanston that swimming and sailing are prohibited today because of dangerous wave conditions…

Looks like it's time to head down to the lake with my camera!
September's calendar image is "Wave Study 5"