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Finding Inspiration...

When my wife and I were in Boston the other week visiting our lovely niece, one of our first stops was the Museum of Fine Arts. What an amazing place! I could have spent days there and still not covered it all.
One gallery in particular captured my attention — a temporary exhibit of paintings by Mark Rothko.
I have always been inspired by Rothko's work. His trademark blocks of color with soft edges are seemingly simple until you look closer and see the complex layers and blending. I strive for my images to have a similar feel — that the tableau created by nature and captured by me is both simple and wonderfully complex.
Rothko wanted viewers to experience his paintings from the “inside.” I echo this idea. By creating large-scale pieces, often abstract with the horizon as the identifying feature, I want viewers of my work to feel immersed in the scene, in the lake’s vastness, power and beauty.
My goal is to create more than just beautiful images. I hope viewers will take in the many subtle details: the surface of the water, the light and reflections, the horizon line, or storm clouds interacting with the lake.

Lake Michigan is a magnificent natural canvas that is in constant state of flux. Each view is new and different and needs to be revisited multiple times to be fully appreciated.
Thanks for reading!