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The December calendar image (above), Sunrise and Rocks, was taken on New Year's Day, 2016 at Lee Street Beach in Evanston.

For several years now, I've sent my Lake Michigan calendar to each of my elected officials, from President Obama to my Evanston alderwoman.
I do this to let these public servants know that I appreciate the work they do for us every day, and to remind them of this area's greatest natural asset.
Sometimes I receive a response, sometimes I don't.
This year, I received my nicest thank you note yet. It came from our state representative, Robyn Gabel. In it she mentioned the tumultuous times we are living in and how the images in my calendar will help bring much needed peace and calm.
Artists often talk of inspiration for their work — where an idea came from, what they are trying to capture. For me, people's reaction to my work is one of the most potent forms of inspiration.
I hope my art continues to bring viewers a sense of peace, calm and wonder about our natural world. 

I wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season.