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Live Like Patagonia


I recently had the privilege of displaying three of my images — paired with my colleague Nelson Armour’s — at the Lincoln Park Patagonia store in honor of its 15th anniversary. 
We were asked to participate because of our efforts to raise awareness about Lake Michigan and the environmental threats it faces.
One of the best things to come out of the exhibit was learning about what a great company Patagonia is.

For example, did you know that Patagonia operates the largest clothing repair center in the country? They will repair any of their products at any time. No need to send a perfectly good coat to the landfill because of a tear or a broken zipper. They also have a trade-in program where they'll give you store credit for your used Patagonia products.

Patagonia hosts regular talks and film screenings about environmental issues and how we can make a difference. And most impressive to me, the company closes its stores on election day so all of its employees can vote.

If we all lived our lives like Patagonia does business, we’d be a lot better off!