Noticing Details...

One of my favorite things about visiting the lake so often is the details I discover. The little things that emerge when I really see the lake rather than just look at it. 

Like when I captured October's calendar image. On that morning last fall, I noticed little bubbles coming out of the sand as each wave flowed back to the lake. This phenomenon lasted for about five minutes.
Sand is relatively loosely packed, and tiny pockets of air are trapped among the grains. As water from the waves seeps in and penetrates dry sand, air is forced upward and bubbles form. This goes on until the sand is saturated.
Head down to the lake this fall and maybe you’ll see something you hadn’t noticed before. Thanks for reading!
 October's calendar image is "Bubbles at Sunrise"

Ted R. Glasoe

Ted Glasoe, United States

Ted Glasoe’s photographic art captures the compelling and unexpected alliance of nature and our urban environment, particularly Lake Michigan and the Chicago cityscape. His reflective images enhance residential and commercial spaces with unique visual interest and a sense of local pride. Consultation on print selection and display options ensures that your image reflects and supports your creative vision.