People have asked me if Lake Michigan has a tide. It does not have a tide, but it does exhibit a phenomenon called a seiche. A seiche is a standing wave that oscillates in an enclosed or partially enclosed body of water. If you start a wave in a bathtub, the water rises and falls repeatedly as it hits either end of the tub. The same thing happens in Lake Michigan, typically after a storm front moves across the lake.
These unique qualities of the lake make me appreciate the special natural wonder that it is. It's that appreciation and wonder that I try to capture in my images.

Ted R. Glasoe

Ted Glasoe, United States

Ted Glasoe’s photographic art captures the compelling and unexpected alliance of nature and our urban environment, particularly Lake Michigan and the Chicago cityscape. His reflective images enhance residential and commercial spaces with unique visual interest and a sense of local pride. Consultation on print selection and display options ensures that your image reflects and supports your creative vision.