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Sheridan Road Magazine, February/March 2014

» Sheridan Road, February/March 2014

The Lake Effect

site_cover_SR_0214North Shore residents may be accustomed to living alongside the shores of Lake Michigan, but it’s impossible to become inured to the sight of it. To that end, Ted Glasoe, a fine art photographer, has made the view his primary subject.

While Glasoe explores numerous aspects of the Chicago area’s natural landscape, he always returns to the waterfront, taking photographs “all up and down the lake,” from Zion to Chicago. He has photographed the lake in every season and at any time of day, from before sunrise to after sunset. “There are a lot of really beautiful places I like to go to along the North Shore,” he says, specifically naming Glencoe, Fort Sheridan, and Highland Park as some of his favorite vantage points. “It’s a beautiful natural setting."

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