Sunrise, Sunset

This month's image, "Sunrise with Cloud," was taken on the dog beach in Evanston while I waited for Mike, Nillie and Molly to join me. One of those is a human and two are adorable, energetic dogs. We were shooting a commission ("dogs running on the beach at sunrise") — see the result here. The three of them get up early most days to enjoy some exercise, the lake and the sunrise.

I like that people find ways to be near the lake and incorporate it into their lives. Even for a few minutes, it helps to stop and listen to the waves, see the water and appreciate its beauty. 


Ted R. Glasoe

Ted Glasoe, United States

Ted Glasoe’s photographic art captures the compelling and unexpected alliance of nature and our urban environment, particularly Lake Michigan and the Chicago cityscape. His reflective images enhance residential and commercial spaces with unique visual interest and a sense of local pride. Consultation on print selection and display options ensures that your image reflects and supports your creative vision.