The Gales of November

November is traditionally one of the most tempestuous months on the Great Lakes. Thousands of ships have been lost to their waters, most often in the fall.
One of the most famous — or infamous — shipwrecks occurred 40 years ago this month when the SS Edmund Fitzgerald and its 29-member crew went down on November 10, 1975 in Lake Superior.
Some estimate that Lake Michigan alone has claimed over 2,000 ships. Most were found and removed or broke apart because they sank near shore. But many shipwrecks still sit on the lake bottom — and people are still looking for them. This past June, the steamship John V. Moran was discovered 116 years after it was lost off Muskegon, Michigan. Read the story

Ted R. Glasoe

Ted Glasoe, United States

Ted Glasoe’s photographic art captures the compelling and unexpected alliance of nature and our urban environment, particularly Lake Michigan and the Chicago cityscape. His reflective images enhance residential and commercial spaces with unique visual interest and a sense of local pride. Consultation on print selection and display options ensures that your image reflects and supports your creative vision.