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Using art to inspire students

In May, I had the honor of speaking to students at Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago. As one of many speakers at the school’s first-ever Earth and Learn Symposium, I talked about how I integrate environmental advocacy into my art practice.

The goal of the symposium was to show students that the fight against climate change is not hopeless — that many people are working in their everyday lives to make our planet healthier.

We talked about the scarcity of fresh water in the world and how fortunate we are to have Lake Michigan in our backyard. We talked about microplastics and the other environmental threats facing the lake. And we talked about how even joining in a beach clean-up (which several students had already done) can make a big difference.

I find that young people are often more curious, passionate and smarter than we adults when it comes to climate change. It gives me hope that they are our future.

Enjoy the lake this summer!