other services

other services

In addition to prints of my Lake Michigan work, I also offer the following services.

Interior Photography

I shoot both residential and commercial spaces for designers, architects and real estate professionals. Please visit my website to see examples, pricing and testimonials.


Photography Training

Whether you've just purchased a new camera and want to get up to speed before a trip, or you've struggled to feel confident using your current camera, I can help you learn: the fundamentals of photography; basic and advanced use of your equipment; and the rules for composition, lighting and other advanced photographic techniques.

Contact me to setup a complimentary consultation.

Sunrise and Rocks

Speaking and Photo Walks

I offer 15-30 min talks on:

  • Nature photography
  • Lake Michigan photography
  • Photography basics to advanced
  • Introduction to photography and
  • Learning to use your camera.

I also offer photography walks which integrate the speaking topics with walks through corresponding venues.