Bringing the Lake Inside

Visit to see my new (and expanding) line of one-of-a-kind statement bags, wraps and scarves made with my images on them. These are unique, stylish and practical.

Ted Glasoe's photographic art is inspired by the power and beauty of Lake Michigan.

The large-scale images enhance commercial and residential spaces with unique visual interest and a sense of local pride.

Ted works collaboratively with clients to create the perfect piece to complement their home or business.

This includes:

Golden Sky and Ice Bag

• Consulting on image selection

• Exploring mounting and display techniques that highlight the piece and work within the design of the interior. This may include backlighting, floating or suspended presentations, or the use of metal, wood or stone.

• Helping with installation and lighting

These exclusive and personalized pieces of art add drama to a space and stir an appreciation of nature in our urban environment.

Ted Glasoe also serves the design community and the public with interior photography services, photo walks, and speaking and training.

Art in Place

My work displayed in homes, businesses and exhibits