Purchasing a Print


Prints are offered in three tiers. The tiers reflect a particular image's uniqueness, availability and overall value. Images within each tier are chosen to compliment each other in theme, color or subject matter.


  • Groups are selections of 2 - 10 images.
  • A new Group is released about every 2 months.
  • Images are never repeated.
  • Groups may be withdrawn from the website at any time.

Collectors' Editions

Collectors' Editions are
unique works created, altered
and framed or mounted by me.
Only a single print of these
works is offered. 

Cold Morning

Group 1

10 images (Released September 15, 2017)

Signature Series

Signature Series prints are
delivered flat, signed and ready for framing or mounting. These images
are printed on archival paper in
limited editions.


Group 1

10 images (Released September 15, 2017)

Premium Prints

Premium Prints offer an inexpensive way to purchase an image. Unsigned and offered in open editions, these prints are delivered rolled and ready for you to frame or mount.

Sunrise and Rocks

Group 1

10 images (Released September 15, 2017)