Photographic Art Celebrating

Lake Michigan



My photographic art is inspired by the power and beauty of Lake Michigan.

The large-scale images enhance commercial and residential spaces with unique visual interest and a sense of local pride.

I work collaboratively with my clients to create an exclusive and personalized piece of art to complement their home or business — adding drama to the space and stirring an appreciation of nature.

I also serve the design community and the public with interior photography services, photo walks, and speaking and training.

NEW! 2018 Lake Michigan Calendar

I love the lake, and I love to capture it in its many colors, textures and moods. To give you a taste of my work and to remind you every day what an amazing natural wonder the lake is, I offer my 2018 calendar, featuring 12 Lake Michigan images. 

The calendar makes a unique gift for fellow lake lovers, friends and family. It's also great for those who have left the area but still long to see the lake every day.

This year, I am donating 20% of my sales to the Alliance for the Great Lakes and Freshwater Future — two of my favorite Great Lakes advocates and defenders.

Thank you for helping keep our lakes clean, safe and healthy.  

Finally, I offer unique hand-made wardrobe accessories featuring my images. Visit VIDA to see the entire collection.

About Me

Lake Michigan inspires me every day. I am driven to capture it at every opportunity — in any weather, season, or time of day.

My dual passion for photography and the lake achieves two important goals:

1) Helping people bring their love of the lake into their spaces in a dramatic and visually interesting way, and

2) Expanding appreciation for this powerful natural resource in our backyard.

Through my art, I aim to promote a love and respect for nature in general, and Lake Michigan in particular.

When you purchase one of my images, I hope it will evoke memories of moments spent on the lake, a new determination to enjoy it in the present, and inspiration to protect its health for generations to come.

I invite you to browse through my online galleries. If you are moved by something, contact me and we'll work together to find the perfect image and display method for you. I want our work together to be a meaningful collaboration.



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Intro Video

Ted Glasoe in Evanston, IL on Houzz
Ted Glasoe in Evanston, IL on Houzz
Ted Glasoe in Evanston, IL on Houzz
Ted Glasoe in Evanston, IL on Houzz