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About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself
My Art, My Process, My Bio

My Art

My images focus on Lake Michigan, but nature is my muse.All images are for sale in a variety of sizes and framing styles. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact me to discuss the possibilities. Commissions and custom pieces are available.Enjoy

My Process

I prefer to shoot in the early mornings and late afternoons when there is the most vivid color, interesting light, complex shadows, and weather and wildlife activity. Because these “golden hours” are so short, the moments of intense color and visual interest are fleeting, which elevates the intensity of the images. In keeping with my intent to convey natural beauty in our urban environment, my images are left as unaltered as possible to reflect what I saw through my lens. My artistic efforts center more on shooting — subject selection, composition and timing — than on post-production. When I do alter my images, it is to recreate what I saw and experienced.
Ted-Glasoe_May 01, 2013-509.jpg

About Me

Water is a central theme in my life. I was born in Minnesota, USA, amd grew up in and around freshwater inland lakes learning to swim and sail at an early age. While looking for creative expression I studied acting through my college years, graduating with a Theatre and Drama degree and moving to Chicago to pursue a career in the theatre. In the course of my working, I learned computer and graphic design skills while working as a software trainer. Finding an artistic outlet in graphic design, I then worked as a designer for 30 years, including starting and running a boutique firm with my wife for over 12 years. I returned to photography as an artistic expression over a decade ago. Now I'm an award-winning nature and landscape photographer living on the shores of Lake Michigan in Evanston, Illinois, USA. I have found my artistic niche and built my reputation focusing on imagery showcasing the beauty of water. In the process, I have become more passionate about conservation and protection of Lake Michigan, in particular, and water and our natural world in general. In my work, I strive to show the natural world in as much variety and beauty as possible thereby encouraging viewers to appreciate the amazing natural world all around us.

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